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Once upon a time
There was a girl
(that's you, darling)
and there was a boy
(there always is, isn't there)

you're pretty, and you know it
(and you're Lucy, so pretty's all you've got)
but for some reason
he chose you
&& you were w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l together
but perfect doesn't last long
(didn't you learn from RoseScorpius, darling?)
and, as it turns out
pretty was all you had

Not like her
she's pretty, too
but she's also funny charming smart
and just Lily
and darling, you just can't compete

So you're not really surprised when he tells you
"Luce, it's just not working out"
because he's right
and he never really loved you
(who cares if you loved him?)

So now instead of LucyLysander
It's LilyLysander

Just remember, darling
that not all fairytales have a happy ending
if she's Juliet
and he's her Romeo
then that makes you Rosaline
and nobody cares about her

What's done is done, lover-girl
this story's over
the book is closed
& you can't do anything about it
another freeverse...

Lucy is Percy and Audrey's daughter
Lysander is Luna and Rolf's son
Lily is Ginny and Harry's daughter

All belongs to JKR

For more pairings, check out my:
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